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Web Changes

3/21/04 - Added media section with MP3 audio files for download
12/08/97 - Third Volume now formatted.
9/22/97 - All six volumes of Studies in the Scriptures are now available under the library.  Lord be praised!!  Formatting only done partway through the third volume.
9/15/97 - Second Volume formatted and available in library.
8/27/97 - Feedback and Search pages are now working again.
8/26/97 - Server update stopped feedback and search pages from working.
8/22/97 - Tabernacle Shadows formatted and available.
8/21/97 - Finished text formatting and paragraph formatting of first volume.
8/18/97 - Started text formatting and paragraph formatting of first volume.
8/4/97 - Started adding diagrams to first volume in library.
8/1/97 - Spelling corrections
7/29/97 - Search should now work
7/29/97 - The feedback page is believed to be fixed.
7/28/97 - Added Pastor Charles Taze Russell Not The Founder of "Jehovah's Witnesses"
7/28/97 - Added plan of the ages chart to first volume study.
7/17/97 - Changes to Web Page Titles - SITS to Studies In The Scriptures.
7/15/97 - Web introduction - library page has first volume.

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